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Art Instruction

Educational objectives

The courses leading to the first-level academic diploma in the School of Art Instruction are intended to provide students with an adequate mastery of communicative methods and techniques, as well as specific artistic and professional skills that will allow them to transmit and communicate ways of realising, interpreting and enjoying artworks. The courses also aim to provide adequate training in the management of spaces and tools for promoting public awareness of cultural assets, through traditional means and new multimedial technologies, with particular focus on museums and exhibition events involving both the arts and scientific-technological divulgation.
Students in the School’s diploma course must:

  • possess an adequate technical-operative formation in methods and contents related to the sectors of communication, display, museology, museography, and art instruction;
  • possess methodological and critical tools for acquisition of skills in expressive languages, techniques and advanced technologies;
  • be competent in at least one foreign language of the European Community, besides the mother tongue, in the main area of competence and for general information exchange;
  • possess adequate knowledge of computer and telecommunication tools in the specific areas of competence.

Employment prospects

Graduates will undertake professional activities in various public and private fields, working flexibly and autonomously in collaboration with specialists in various sectors of cultural assets, with particular regard for the communicative aspect in the organisation and arrangement of art events, curatorship, and communication support for art events (press office, public relations, etc.)
The Academies will organise, in collaboration with public and private institutions, internships and apprenticeships that will provide the specific skills needed, and will further define specific training models for each course of study.
In order to complete the curriculum and gain admittance to discussion of the written and practical thesis , candidates must pass all exams and obtain the following academic credits:

  • 108 credits in foundation and specific training activities (foundation 36-48 credits, specific 60-72 credits)
  • 4 compulsory credits for a foreign European language
  • 12 credits for the thesis and three practical examinations

The diploma will be awarded when the candidate has obtained the required academic credits, has passed all exams and has successfully discussed his or her thesis, also presenting three artistic projects agreed with the Head of Department.
In calculating credits candidates may not cite the same course more than once, unless this is expressly permitted.

FOUNDATION ABTEC37   Design Methodology for Visual Communication Saccomandi       8 36/48
ABST46 Aesthetics Farinella       6
ABST47 (1) Style, History of Art and Costume 1-2-3 (compulsory)         6+6+6
ABST51 Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts Roberto       6
ABST58 Theory of Perception and Psychology of Form Del Prete       8
ABVPA61 Cultural and Environmental Assets Ciliento       6
ABST55 Cultural Anthropology credit awarded for university course       6
ABPC66 History of Cinema and Video Bitonti       6
SPECIFIC ABTEC40 Multimedial Design 1-2 Ghisellini       8+8







ABPC65 Theory and Method of Mass Media Cembalo       6
ABST52 History and Methodology of Art Criticism 1-2 Di Mauro       6+6
ABST59 Pedagogy and Art Instruction (compulsory) Lazzarini       6+6
ABST60 Methods and Techniques of Art Therapy Castaldi       8
ABAV06 Painting Techniques Avondoglio       6
ABVPA63 Museology Melotti       6
SUPPLEMENTARY OR RELATED ABPR19 Graphic Design  not activated        8  
ABTEC43 Audiovisual Techniques and Codes of Expression Berardinelli        8
ABTEC38 Digital Applications for Visual Arts Villa        8
ABTEC42 Interactive Systems Bertrand        8
ABST53 History of Performing Arts Ausoni       6
ABPR35 Film and Video Direction/
Performing Arts Production
Bitonti        8
ABST48 History of Applied Arts not activated       6
ABPR19 Web Design  Villa        8
ABTEC38 Computer Graphics
Fanti        8
ABPC68 Creative Writing Cembalo        6
ABPR15 Design Methodology Ghisellini       6
ABLE70 Art Economics and Markets Falletti       6
Further educational activities   (2) workshops, seminars, internships           0/18
  (2) computer skills test         4
Optional educational activities               0/10
                TOTAL 56 CREDITS
Compulsory educational activities ABLIN71 EU foreign language
Coccolo       4  
  FINAL EXAM (compulsory)           12

Students must complete the required number of credits for each sector. Total credits in three-year course: 180

(1) For History of Art and Costume, Artistic Anatomy and Engraving Techniques, students may choose the course (or instructor) among those offered, inserting the appropriate name.
(2) Optional

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