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Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino

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Istitutional arrangement

The purpose of the Academies of Fine Arts is to prepare students to practise the arts.  The Academies provide Italy’s highest level of art instruction.  

The Academies are primary seats of advanced education, specialisation and research in the artistic sector, also undertaking related production activities.  They have legal status and enjoy statutory, didactic, scientific, administrative, financial and accounting autonomy.  They establish and activate course programs for holders of the Secondary School Diploma who have taken an admission examination (esame di ammissione), as well as specialisation programs.  These institutions award specific first- and second-level academic diplomas, as well as diplomas for specialisation and research training in artistic fields.  

The qualifications granted by these institutions are equivalent to university qualifications.

Candidates possessing the Italian “Diploma di Maturità di Arte Applicata” or the “Diploma di Maturità Artistica di Prima Sezione”, or a “Diploma di Maturità Sperimentale” as per Ministerial Decree 1793 of 12/7/93 are exempt from the admission exam.

Students enrolled in the Accademia may not be enrolled in other university or similar level courses at the same time.

Diplomas granted by the Accademia are valid qualifications for admission to teaching positions in institutes of secondary instruction, for admission to public competitions, and for access to administrative functions in public service.

Accademia Albertina offers the following courses: a three-year course (starting from the 2008/2009 academic year) and an experimental two-year course (3+2) as in university faculties (under the new system).  These are termed, respectively, First Level Higher Education (three years) and Specialisation (two years).  

Places on the postgraduate two-year courses are limited.  Graduates will be qualified to teach the disciplines of Art and Design.

Study programs provide, for each specialisation, basic formative activities (laboratories), specialised laboratory activities , theoretical-scientific formative activities, and supplementary formative activities for a total of 60 credits per academic year.   

A Life Drawing Course (Corso Libero del Nudo) has also been introduced, in which attendance is not compulsory and students will not receive a diploma.  Students may enroll for a maximum of 5 years.

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